Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Small Business--Help I need a Bailout

I still have not been bailed out by the government. I’m waiting. Looks like some of the big wall-street boys will get their big bonuses again. Never could figure out why anyone needs that much money.
I find these government bailouts interesting—we have owned a small business and struggled in the down turn, no not this one. We took our losses, closed down and went on with our lives. Not one time did we think someone else should pay us for not making it. Took four years to dig out from our hole, but we did it.
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Haiti- We have it so good

Have you been watching the news from Haiti? We should all be proud and happy to be Americans. Even before the quake these poor people lived in conditions that even the worst of Americans would look down on. Send your prayers and money if you can—they can use it.