Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Health Plan

Just thinking about health care and all the time congress is spending on it—and all the money. After much sitting and thinking I believe I have the answer. I am sure that many members of congress read my blog postings and this blog will make it easy for them. Here they are- 4 things we need to do for American health care.
1. Give all Americans dual citizenship with Canada—we can all go there and stand in line for care.
2. All- meds half price on Tuesdays at Wall-Mart. Didn’t someone once say,” Heal thyself?” If no one ever said it, I just did, and I like it and I like the half price meds.
3. Every Friday all businesses will close from noon until three and all Americans will walk two or more miles. Some might even start to like it.
4. Tell China we are out of money, cancel our debt and give everyone the same health insurance as members of congress get.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Olympics--I think I can do that!

Like most people in America I have been watching the Winter Olympics the past few days. I like most of it, don’t like Luge (too fast to see) and most of the pairs skating (Dancing With The Stars On Ice) Seems like I did most of these events as a kid growing up in Nebraska and later living in Wyoming. Here is a list of the Winter Games events I have almost tried at one time.
1. Sledding—Lots of it as a kid this meets my requirement for Luge and Bobsled
2. Ice Skating—fell a lot but in Jr. High and High School I did some of it—I do remember I may have done some of those triple something-n-a-rather jumps, they are now doing in the Olympics—mine were all unintended.
3. Skiing—when we moved to Wyoming and had a mountain, skied for eight or ten years—not continuously, hardly skied at all in the summer. (hey I used two adverbs in a row in that sentence)
4. Ski Jumping—On occasion and always by accident
5. Ice Dancing—Prom Only!
6. Cross Country Skiing—Often I skied out of control and walked back carrying my skies –I believe that should count for something
7. Hooky—I did a lot of that as a kid played a lot of hooky. OH Sorry, Hockey played some, we didn’t really know all the rules but we fell down a lot, got really cold and had great fun. Also played a summer version on the tennis courts with a tennis ball—not sure if I should count that one or not.
8. Biathlon—The one where they ski and shoot –did both, never at the same time
9. Pole Vault –Opps—summer games
I never got a medal but I did get cold—I do like watching these events on TV. I know nothing about any of them and every four years I turn into an expert, scoring figure skating and ski jumping from my recliner—go figure.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Snow in the East

Wow-more snow in the east. Living in Wyoming we get lots of snow and we get used to it. Record snow all over the east and it has been mostly warm, for 7,200 feet, here the past few days. The snow is melting and I am starting to think spring.