Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Women's Open at Saint Andrews

The Open, then the Senior British Open and this week the women and their British open.  And this one might have more drama than all the others with Inbee Park at St. Andrews. If she wins she’ll become the first golfer to ever win four professional majors in a single season.

The LPGA doesn’t get the following of the men or even the seniors, but they play some great golf and this one will be worth the watching.

My prediction- I will take the field against her, but it would be fun if she pulled it off.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

The British Open

The British Open is underway, great looking course, but maybe a little tricked up. Not all the players were complimentary of the setup. I believe when the course is purposely dried to an almost dead state, the games committee may have gone a little too far.

Last week I walked the course in Omaha with the U. S. Senior open players, as a spectator not a player, and am just now recovering, and some of those old guys are playing in the British Open, they are tougher, and in much better shape than this old guy. But I did shoot 85 today.
Old Golf Pro Secret
The real reason your pro tells you to keep your head down?
So you can't see him laughing at you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

U.S. Senior Open - No Walk in the Park

Had a great time watching the old guys hit the ball in Omaha last week.  I am in pretty good shape but I was hurting some just walking the very hilly Omaha Country Club layout. I loved the course, old fashioned, not too long, but it took some real thinking to play this course.

For those that didn’t hear Kenny Perry shot a 63 giving him a five stoke win for his second senior major title this year.

Perry, who two weeks ago won the Senior Players Championship, was 10 shots behind Michael Allen after 36 but a third round 64 and a seven-under round to end it gave him, the walk in the park victory, at Omaha Country Club.

Perry described the course as,” the hilliest course I have ever seen.” And after the win saidy d it gave hime the walk in the park victoryking to play this course.

maha Country Club layout. I loved the course, old fa, "It all came together today."  

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the tremendous crowds and watching some outstanding golf. I think it was a great test, both of golf and fitness.

-A few random observations-

1. Tom Watson walks very fast, even up and down these hills.

2. Corey Pavin hits it farther than I thought he would

3. Jay Hass looked like he stepped from a golf clothing add, all the time, looked cool and very well dressed

4. Only saw one player hitting a colored golf ball (yellow)

5. Lots of smaller bags with the tough walking conditions, a lot of stand-bags, like all of us carry, or used to carry

6. The crowds were knowledgeable and very loud or very quiet when needed

7. These guys are still pretty long

8. Mark Calcavecchia got some pretty good cheers from the Nebraska crowd (he lived in Nebraska until his early teens)

9. Fred Couples swing is even sweeter in person than on the big screen

10. They need to bring this Open back here in three or four years, maybe two, it’s a great venue, the natural hills make it a tough walk but great for spectating.