Monday, December 29, 2008

The Faith of Barack Obama

Hey read any good books lately? This is a quick read about our next President--I enjoyed it.

The Faith of Barack Obama

At first look I was not sure what to expect out of this book. Was it the unauthorized religious biography of President elect Obama or would it have enough dept to allow readers around the world a chance to understand this man’s religion?

What I found was a solid offering from author Stephen Mansfield. Although a bit formulaic I found this book to be a quick and thought provoking read. It is short, less than one hundred and fifty pages and only six chapters.

Mansfield does a nice job of explaining the wonderful mixed-up upbringing of Barack Obama, Catholic primary school with Mass every morning, Islamic services on the weekends and a professed atheist as a mother, all things that have lead this man to be more than a little wary of organized religion. Most of one chapter dispels the current urban myth of Obama as a Muslim, now or in the past, it just never happened. In the early eighties his heart lead him to become a member of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s, “United Church of Christ.” The church fit him both personally and professionally and likely benefited him politically. This part of the book is a must read and a real eye opener to people from mainstream WASP environments. It does a fine job of explaining the feelings of a very educated, very complicated leader like Jeremiah Wright.

The fifth chapter of this small book is of interest to anyone that takes more than a passing interest in politics/religion in America. This chapter entitled, “Four Faces of Faith,” focuses on the religious beliefs of the four big political players in this year’s presidential race; President Bush, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and President elect Obama.

Although the book may not do anything to convince evangelical Christians that he is the right person to lead America it will at least give hope to the far right that he is not anti-Christian, anti-American or anti-white. The only bad taste left for the far right may be Mr. Obama’s unyielding stance as a pro-choice liberal, a section that Mansfield covers very well in this book.

Overall this book is an excellent read, showing a side of our next president that most Americans will embrace. It is a truly open look at a man that has already lead a truly extraordinary life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and let’s not forget we are blessed every day of the year by friends, family and readers. My wish for you is that this Christmas will be your best ever.
God bless and enjoy the day like none other.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Seems to me it’s starting to be all about the retailers and the economy this year. I sincerely hope Christmas is not becoming just another holiday to get people to spend money—we already have enough of those. Is it just me or are we starting to lose the meaning of Christmas? Growing up I loved Santa Clause and hanging the Christmas stockings and decorating the tree and could hardly wait for Christmas morning. It is one of two great Christian holiday’s world wide but now we mostly hear moaning and groaning about it not helping the economy enough.
As for me, I can’t wait, some of our kids and grandkids will be here and we will open presents and enjoy the day. And for at least one day I will not worry, not at all, about the economy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Economics and Me

Not long until we have a new president, in tough times like this I am not sure John McCain really lost that much. It will be interesting to see how the new president and congress address all that is wrong with the economy. I feel like a man alone, have a house, cars and a pick-up, not much credit card debt and a good job. Looks like there will be no economic help for me. I would be willing to give up my day job for one of the unemployed if congress will give me a nice severance package until I’m 65. Oh, and some health insurance.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


The elections over and the economy might be too. I can not believe what has happened to the stock market. In only a few weeks I have went from a thousand-aire to a hundred-aire. Price of gas is getting better but eggs and bread, if you use um, are getting worse. I have confidence that everything will turn around and probably soon.
One more note—we still are not getting enough global warming in Wyoming. It was down to single digits Friday night. Must be time to wax the skies and find my ice fishing equipment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Teachers View

John McCain is the most out of touch candidate (when it comes to public schools) for president in recent times. His ideas about public schools are so wrong it seems like he is grabbing at straws and not even the good ones with the paper wrappers you can shoot at your friends.
I have been a life long Republican and have never voted for a Democrat for president—until this year. Naw forget it I will vote as I always have, write-in, myself. Neil Waring President of the United States--now that has a nice sound to it.
Oh—just in case you are a new visitor, I have been a public school teacher for 39 years.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter Coming On

Cold last night, temperature slipped down to only eleven degrees. Looks like my garden will be okay as I only grow frozen vegetables and freeze dried fruit juices. Scraped the windshield on the pickup before I walked to work today, needed the ice for a Titanic experiment.
I really like winter, it’s my favorite season of the year and it’s just around the corner. My favorite winter activities include, turning up the thermostat, putting extra blankets on the bed, drinking cup after cup of hot liquids, watching hours of television, reading dozens of books and watching it snow out the family room windows.
Oh, but you ask, what about outside sports? I really like snowboarding and skiing and try to watch as much of them as I can.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Almost Time to Vote

It’s almost time to vote, we have one debate left to make up our minds. That is unless you already know who your guy is.
The economy is making a real mess of the candidate’s promises for less taxes and help with everything from health insurance to house payments.
If you have not made up your mind yet write in the old coach, if I win I’ll do something, not sure what. But here is my best try.

• I will put a chicken in every pot—opps, think FDR already promised that.

• Read my lips, no new taxes, opps, think Bush # 1 said that.

• Snow in the months of December, January and February only.

• A law against cell phones in the grocery store—“do we need butter, honey? How’s the milk, and did you say we were out of crackers?”

• Gas prices to remain at $1.25 per gallon

Large government grants will go to

• Inventors working on a trash can that will separate and recycle after I throw everything in.

• Someone that invents a car that runs on air

• A peace plan that works

• And finally to a member of the U.S. House or Senate that is elected to be a statesman not just a politician.

• Oh and a large grant to me so I can get a place on the beach in Hawaii during Wyoming’s six or eight months of winter.

Can’t wait for the election to be over so my taxes will go down, my business will be saved, my health insurance will be paid for, the air will be cleaner, we will be respected around the globe and all will be good in the world—again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our New Vice President will be --

I’m watching the Vice Presidential Debate as I write this blog so if I end in the middle of a sentence I must have had a heart attach.

“What could cause a wise old guy like you to have a heart attach,” you ask.

If one or the other says any of the following—

1. Anything about balancing the Budget
2. Something that would bail me out
3. Lower gasoline prices
4. That someone has figured out something about Iraq and Afghanistan.
5. I’m starting to think about turning to the Baseball Game—don’t count that one.
6. Start paying down the deficit***or is that too much like number one?
7. Lucky for me I caught myself, on number six above, I typed defecate instead deficit-wow- talk about a Freudian slip. Good thing I caught it before publishing, might have messed up my chance to win a blogging Pulitzer.
8. The guy I’m running with is a dud but elect me as VP and the country will be on the right track
9. We caught Osama ben Laden.
10. I will, we will, when elected—Bla, Bla, Bla *-* Bla, Bla –About ready to turn this stuff off.
Same old promises I will vote for the one that is telling the truth—now who is that?

Remember, regardless of how you feel, get out and vote, vote early and vote often.

One final note, be sure to …………………………

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Young Again

Good News—I think!
Read in today newspaper that age 65 is today’s 55. Is that good? I am in between and was almost looking forward to retirement but maybe I should wait until I’m 75 because that would be 65.
I really am pretty healthy – but then again if I’m 60 now, in today’s world that is 50—young enough, should be healthy.
Except for a really messed up big toe (not doctors lingo), bad hip, sore shoulders, bum elbow, high triglycerides, (no idea how to spell that word and my computer is so old the spell checker has never heard of it before), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low income (starting to get high so I tossed that one in), I’m felling pretty healthy.
I over eat a little and under exercise, my hair fell out and I lapped over my belt buckle a bit. Can’t remember things like I used too, and run into more stuff and drop more things than I did a few years ago. I can’t get to sleep and when I do I wake up with a sore neck. Allergy season ends when cold season starts, leaving me sneezing every day of the year except my birthday when I stumble around in shock and marvel at the fact that I am really feeling ten years younger than my birthday.
Can’t seem to remember what time of the year white shoes are in and black shoes are out. Need to rest more than I work and think every candidate for office is a young whippersnapper.
Other than those few maladies I feel ten years younger than I did before I read today’s newspaper.
Can’t wait for Monday morning—back to work almost a youngster.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football--New Rules

Tough time of the year for me, getting cold, fall heading into winter, nope. Lots of people in Wyoming call this time of year hunting season, but not me, it’s the end of golf and the beginning of football. There is some difference—I play golf and watch football. I like to play golf at this time of year. Not many people on the course and it’s really not that hard to find golf balls in the snow, they almost always leave a trail. This year I am going to limit myself to watching only five or six football games a week. That may sound like a lot to many people but about half of what I usually do. I even have a few suggestions for new rules to make football more exciting.

1. Use two footballs instead of one.
2. Allow holding—anywhere, anytime
3. Ten points for a drop kick field goal of over twenty-five yards
4. Let the soda and hot dog venders on the sidelines and into the huddle during time outs.
5. Have all teams wear white uniforms
6. Fine any network using a sideline reporter one million dollars—I really hate sideline reporters.
7. All music in the stadium must be from the band—no more obnoxious music
blaring from huge million dollar boom boxes.
8. All football games must be played outside
9. Instant replays will be sent to the nearest local sports bar with everyone in the bar getting three votes
10. Night games will be played without lights—players will be allowed flashlights and spectators are each allowed two glow sticks

Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking a lot like Fall

It’s starting to look like winter, er-a- fall in Wyoming. The aspen are turning and frost has already reared its ugly head. A few days ago it frosted so hard I couldn’t walk to work, I skied instead. Slick as ice all the way only fell down a half dozen time. My tomatoes froze—I picked them and hung them upside down in the garage. They should ripen okay I’m told. I did notice a sticker on one that said-mix with six ounces of cold tap water for a delicious tomato-ee, juice like drink. Maybe they froze too hard!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Democratic convention is over and now its time for the Republicans. It all seems a bit melodramatic now with the winning candidate’s chosen before the conventions. I still remember when they were really exciting and the candidate’s spoke about real issues with real substance and people believed them. But then it was during the Lincoln Presidency and not many of us remember that day and age.

Oh well, this is the new age, the age of instant everything. The candidates seem to try to tell us whatever it is that will get them elected. Instant gratification for the voter, but once elected it seems to be the same old thing again.

Will we ever see real change again, or a real statesman in the office of President, someone that really cares about us? No probably not as I decided not to run again as I have decided not to run in each election since Eisenhower.

When I was a kid I would eagerly mark off each day for four years waiting for the next convention, I loved to hear those speeches—Not really I mostly played baseball, listened to KOMA and acted like all other kids.

I will watch this week just like I watched last week. Maybe I will make up my mind before November.

Now if I need a write in candidate, how is it that you spell Dukakis?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saving Money in 2008

-How to Save Money-

So you want to save a few bucks? First a few ramblings then the good stuff you really want to know.

The price of gas is going down— a station nearby has lowered prices twice in the past few days. All stations in our little city of thirty thousand are now under four dollars a gallon—whoop-e.
Two things stand out in my mind about gas prices, first when I had to raise the prices on the sign at the Texaco station where I worked in high school to thirty cents a gallon. Boss wondered if anyone would ever stop again. Second, when my dad said, “If gas goes over a dollar a gallon the highways will be empty, no one will go anywhere.”
Today we seem almost happy to have gas under four dollars. Everything is going up, except salaries it seems. The minimum wage did go, not sure what that means?
Now the good stuff—saving money, my six priceless money saving steps.

1. At the pumps—fill your tank only half full. That makes sense and will cost only half as much. And how do you really look at your gas gage are you a half full kind of person or half empty. Walking is good!

2. At the grocery store—carry one of the little baskets, no push cart for you and don’t go so often. Need more food, garden, what a concept exercise and food. Go on a diet and save money. All-ready to skinny, buy cheap stuff and exercise less.

3. Home mortgage—refinance with a lower interest rate. If you can’t do that don’t make any payments for a while and try to get into the governments new bail out program. If that doesn’t work buy a used RV for almost nothing and park in front of your neighbor’s house. Same neighborhood, nice.

4. Medical insurance—if you have it though the old job, great. If you are buying it on your own beware, there are a lot of scams out there. Pay by the month and don’t get insurance that wants all the money up front in unmarked bills. Don’t limp into an insurance office and expect a good rate. When you show up to an insurance office, suck in the gut, where larger than needed clothes, put your glasses in your pocket and talk endlessly about how much you like exercise and vegetables. It also helps to mention that mom and dad are both over one hundred and vacationing on a nude beach in Mexico, for a month.

5. Needing a new car—by large and save. If it gets less than twenty miles per gallon it will be on sale. Then carefully follow directions in number one above.

6. Investing or starting your own business—don’t. This is the wrong time and wrong place. Spend all the money you have take a vacation. No wait a minute that’s what I do, not always smart.

**** Want to know more about starting your own business and how bad you will fail? See my story at:

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wyoming Mosquito season-Again

-It’s Mosquito season—again-

It lasted only a few days, the same days we had relatives visiting from all over the U.S heartland here to enjoy fine Wyoming weather. Seems like Mosquito season always comes at the worst of times, as if there is a good season for Mosquito’s.
Mosquitoes carried off two children, a dog, although not a large one and three steaks from the grill. Seems like nothing can control them, we sprayed, lit the famous Mosquito candles and burned the Kerosene Tiki torches. Not sure, but I do not believe Tiki torches are native Wyoming insect fighting apparatus.
We played golf and were assaulted by Mosquito’s the size of sparrows—we sprayed down with OFF then couldn’t smell, see or hold on to a club. Reminded me to close my eyes before spraying my face with repellant. A few years ago I tried the famous ‘Skin So Soft’ to repel what needed repelled, didn’t work but my skin was softer and the Mosquito’s didn’t have to work so hard to hand me West Nile. I never really believed we had the West Nile virus here in Wyoming, I think instead it might be the North Platte virus or the Laramie river virus—West Nile is too far away, Egypt or somewhere in Africa. Wait a minute; I believe Egypt is in Africa. Doesn’t matter, it’s still a government conspiracy they turn the mosquitoes lose on us so we forget about inflation, high gas prices and the fact that Coca Cola has never been the same since they tried the experiment. Now the city is Arial spraying—good luck. I believe that the little bugs enjoy Malathion seems like every spraying they get bigger. If Malathion is watered down too much, usually with diesel fuel in a fogger the little buggers build up a tolerance to it and only get bigger, tougher and better looking.