Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Olympics--I think I can do that!

Like most people in America I have been watching the Winter Olympics the past few days. I like most of it, don’t like Luge (too fast to see) and most of the pairs skating (Dancing With The Stars On Ice) Seems like I did most of these events as a kid growing up in Nebraska and later living in Wyoming. Here is a list of the Winter Games events I have almost tried at one time.
1. Sledding—Lots of it as a kid this meets my requirement for Luge and Bobsled
2. Ice Skating—fell a lot but in Jr. High and High School I did some of it—I do remember I may have done some of those triple something-n-a-rather jumps, they are now doing in the Olympics—mine were all unintended.
3. Skiing—when we moved to Wyoming and had a mountain, skied for eight or ten years—not continuously, hardly skied at all in the summer. (hey I used two adverbs in a row in that sentence)
4. Ski Jumping—On occasion and always by accident
5. Ice Dancing—Prom Only!
6. Cross Country Skiing—Often I skied out of control and walked back carrying my skies –I believe that should count for something
7. Hooky—I did a lot of that as a kid played a lot of hooky. OH Sorry, Hockey played some, we didn’t really know all the rules but we fell down a lot, got really cold and had great fun. Also played a summer version on the tennis courts with a tennis ball—not sure if I should count that one or not.
8. Biathlon—The one where they ski and shoot –did both, never at the same time
9. Pole Vault –Opps—summer games
I never got a medal but I did get cold—I do like watching these events on TV. I know nothing about any of them and every four years I turn into an expert, scoring figure skating and ski jumping from my recliner—go figure.

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