Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Big Money Golf Stuff

I’m looking for a new set of irons after just ordering a Callaway driver and three wood. Prices are getting a little much for this old retired golfer. Thought it might be interesting to see how much someone might pay if they had all the money they ever needed. How about these prices?

I probably will not go for the $32,000 set of irons. Each of the 14 clubs is made of platinum and gold. Reported owners include well know golfers Donald Trump and Jack Nicholson. By the way, I think I can beat both of those guys.

Need some golf balls? Dixon Golf Balls can be as high as $74.95 a dozen although they do have some cheaper. I also noticed that Titleist suggested retail for 2013 is $62.00 a dozen – OUCH!

I tried a few of the Wilson Staff balls last summer, liked them a lot and loved the price.

How about a nice round?  - Try, Shadow Creek Golf Course, Las Vegas, NV $500 to play 18. A top 100 course, but come on, $500, they really don’t want guys like me; it is indeed a high roller course.

If you need a new putter you cannot go wrong with a Scotty Cameron, but they are pricey. I must be turning into my James Joyce like, stream of consciousness thinking, started wondering about Scotty Cameron the man.
Well he is still around, just turned 50 – come on now how many of you thought he had been dead for 50 years?
Cameron turned a basement business into one of the most known names in all of golf. In early career he worked for, Ray Cook, Maxfli, Cleveland, Founders and Mizuno before selling his name and designs to Titleist.

My designs never did quite so well!

-Great Pro Golf this week from Pebble Beach and the seniors in Florida-



john porter said...

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Neil Waring’s –Western Ramblings said...

Thanks for reading John. New posts about three times a week.