Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another Golf - Player of the Year

Adam Scott has been voted the Male Player of the Year by the Golf Writers Association of America, Tiger Woods finished second. Before you ask who the writers in the GWAA are, I will answer for you. Writers who publish a lot of words about golf but fail to watch or understand that winning a major and two small tourneys in Australia does not make a player of the year.

Tiger won the money title and the Vardon Trophy (lowest scoring average) who, on tour, wouldn’t want to win these two? If not Tiger, Henrik Stenson gets my vote for player of the year, wait, I don’t have a vote.

I might be prejudiced against Scott, and I admit it, I hate the long putter. He is a big young guy and, too me, looks silly with that senior tour putter. I for one will be glad when they are gone.

Looks like golf for me this afternoon, nice day!

Congratulations to Adam Scott for winning the GWAA player of the year – even if no one has ever heard of this award.

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