Friday, July 4, 2008

Wyoming Mosquito season-Again

-It’s Mosquito season—again-

It lasted only a few days, the same days we had relatives visiting from all over the U.S heartland here to enjoy fine Wyoming weather. Seems like Mosquito season always comes at the worst of times, as if there is a good season for Mosquito’s.
Mosquitoes carried off two children, a dog, although not a large one and three steaks from the grill. Seems like nothing can control them, we sprayed, lit the famous Mosquito candles and burned the Kerosene Tiki torches. Not sure, but I do not believe Tiki torches are native Wyoming insect fighting apparatus.
We played golf and were assaulted by Mosquito’s the size of sparrows—we sprayed down with OFF then couldn’t smell, see or hold on to a club. Reminded me to close my eyes before spraying my face with repellant. A few years ago I tried the famous ‘Skin So Soft’ to repel what needed repelled, didn’t work but my skin was softer and the Mosquito’s didn’t have to work so hard to hand me West Nile. I never really believed we had the West Nile virus here in Wyoming, I think instead it might be the North Platte virus or the Laramie river virus—West Nile is too far away, Egypt or somewhere in Africa. Wait a minute; I believe Egypt is in Africa. Doesn’t matter, it’s still a government conspiracy they turn the mosquitoes lose on us so we forget about inflation, high gas prices and the fact that Coca Cola has never been the same since they tried the experiment. Now the city is Arial spraying—good luck. I believe that the little bugs enjoy Malathion seems like every spraying they get bigger. If Malathion is watered down too much, usually with diesel fuel in a fogger the little buggers build up a tolerance to it and only get bigger, tougher and better looking.

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