Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Democratic convention is over and now its time for the Republicans. It all seems a bit melodramatic now with the winning candidate’s chosen before the conventions. I still remember when they were really exciting and the candidate’s spoke about real issues with real substance and people believed them. But then it was during the Lincoln Presidency and not many of us remember that day and age.

Oh well, this is the new age, the age of instant everything. The candidates seem to try to tell us whatever it is that will get them elected. Instant gratification for the voter, but once elected it seems to be the same old thing again.

Will we ever see real change again, or a real statesman in the office of President, someone that really cares about us? No probably not as I decided not to run again as I have decided not to run in each election since Eisenhower.

When I was a kid I would eagerly mark off each day for four years waiting for the next convention, I loved to hear those speeches—Not really I mostly played baseball, listened to KOMA and acted like all other kids.

I will watch this week just like I watched last week. Maybe I will make up my mind before November.

Now if I need a write in candidate, how is it that you spell Dukakis?

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