Sunday, September 28, 2008

Young Again

Good News—I think!
Read in today newspaper that age 65 is today’s 55. Is that good? I am in between and was almost looking forward to retirement but maybe I should wait until I’m 75 because that would be 65.
I really am pretty healthy – but then again if I’m 60 now, in today’s world that is 50—young enough, should be healthy.
Except for a really messed up big toe (not doctors lingo), bad hip, sore shoulders, bum elbow, high triglycerides, (no idea how to spell that word and my computer is so old the spell checker has never heard of it before), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low income (starting to get high so I tossed that one in), I’m felling pretty healthy.
I over eat a little and under exercise, my hair fell out and I lapped over my belt buckle a bit. Can’t remember things like I used too, and run into more stuff and drop more things than I did a few years ago. I can’t get to sleep and when I do I wake up with a sore neck. Allergy season ends when cold season starts, leaving me sneezing every day of the year except my birthday when I stumble around in shock and marvel at the fact that I am really feeling ten years younger than my birthday.
Can’t seem to remember what time of the year white shoes are in and black shoes are out. Need to rest more than I work and think every candidate for office is a young whippersnapper.
Other than those few maladies I feel ten years younger than I did before I read today’s newspaper.
Can’t wait for Monday morning—back to work almost a youngster.

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