Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our New Vice President will be --

I’m watching the Vice Presidential Debate as I write this blog so if I end in the middle of a sentence I must have had a heart attach.

“What could cause a wise old guy like you to have a heart attach,” you ask.

If one or the other says any of the following—

1. Anything about balancing the Budget
2. Something that would bail me out
3. Lower gasoline prices
4. That someone has figured out something about Iraq and Afghanistan.
5. I’m starting to think about turning to the Baseball Game—don’t count that one.
6. Start paying down the deficit***or is that too much like number one?
7. Lucky for me I caught myself, on number six above, I typed defecate instead deficit-wow- talk about a Freudian slip. Good thing I caught it before publishing, might have messed up my chance to win a blogging Pulitzer.
8. The guy I’m running with is a dud but elect me as VP and the country will be on the right track
9. We caught Osama ben Laden.
10. I will, we will, when elected—Bla, Bla, Bla *-* Bla, Bla –About ready to turn this stuff off.
Same old promises I will vote for the one that is telling the truth—now who is that?

Remember, regardless of how you feel, get out and vote, vote early and vote often.

One final note, be sure to …………………………

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