Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Almost Time to Vote

It’s almost time to vote, we have one debate left to make up our minds. That is unless you already know who your guy is.
The economy is making a real mess of the candidate’s promises for less taxes and help with everything from health insurance to house payments.
If you have not made up your mind yet write in the old coach, if I win I’ll do something, not sure what. But here is my best try.

• I will put a chicken in every pot—opps, think FDR already promised that.

• Read my lips, no new taxes, opps, think Bush # 1 said that.

• Snow in the months of December, January and February only.

• A law against cell phones in the grocery store—“do we need butter, honey? How’s the milk, and did you say we were out of crackers?”

• Gas prices to remain at $1.25 per gallon

Large government grants will go to

• Inventors working on a trash can that will separate and recycle after I throw everything in.

• Someone that invents a car that runs on air

• A peace plan that works

• And finally to a member of the U.S. House or Senate that is elected to be a statesman not just a politician.

• Oh and a large grant to me so I can get a place on the beach in Hawaii during Wyoming’s six or eight months of winter.

Can’t wait for the election to be over so my taxes will go down, my business will be saved, my health insurance will be paid for, the air will be cleaner, we will be respected around the globe and all will be good in the world—again.

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