Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting on the Front Foot - and Tiger Too -

Well Tiger has one in the bag. Every time he has won the Masters he has a win before, now he is ready. Once again he looked pretty good until round four, then just held everyone off. Not a bad way to win.

*Today – The proper way to get on the front foot*

Now a few words about going from the back swing to the golf or hitting swing. Too many golfers look like they are chopping wood (poorly) with this movement. Here is a simple drill to help. (Once again this drill can be done in your back yard, and you don’t even need a ball, but you will need a club).

Place your feet together while hitting a few shots. If you do not coil the upper body onto your right side in your backswing and let it release naturally on to your left side in your golf swing, you will lose your balance. If it is real bad you can even fall down. If you don’t get hurt that will be really funny and you will have learned something about your swing.

Especially for people that want more distance this is a great drill. Despite all that is said and done about getting more distance and more accuracy on each shot you must properly shift from back foot to front, or nothing will help’

Easy drill, add it to your practice format.

 Until next time - have a great round!

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