Sunday, March 30, 2014

Golf from the 1930s

A lifelong historian and history teacher for 42 years I am always looking for new/old adventures. And if it involves golf – all the better. This past week I hit some balls on a course that has been out of business for more than 70 years.

Great fun, still could find several of the tee-boxes and old sand greens, although they didn’t look much like it any longer. And no I didn’t use my new Adams irons. I used some clubs from the fifties as I was afraid I would break my old hickories if I tried them.

No old golf balls though, I just teed up a modern Tommy Armour, not because I like this ball but because the Worthington, Tommy Armour, was the ball of choice when this course was up and running in the 1930s.

Great way to spend a warm early spring day in Wyoming.

I have managed to play several rounds this month, today the wind is blowing, and I will settle for a hike in the state park and some TV golf.

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