Sunday, April 6, 2014

Golf at Age 66

Weather is getting better, played three times this week and three last. I am hitting the ball pretty well for 66. I am still doing my stretches and quite a bit of walking.

Looks like my distances will be the same this year as last.

9 Iron-115
8 Iron-125 and so on  -   Now hitting my five wood 190-195 and
 3 wood, 205-210.
 This leaves my driver in the 230 range. About right

These are pretty true distances for me, I occasionally hit a drive over 250 but the 225-235 range is about right.

I have some new Irons, haven't tried them yet, Adams V4, can't wait to hit them but waiting for the course to soften up. I also have a new Ping Putter, now I will putt like Bubba.

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