Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Great Day On The Links

I always enjoy playing golf, good or bad, as the old saying goes – it beats working. Today was one of my, turn back time, days. Not the double, double and bogey start, but the rest of the round. After going five over on the first three holes, I preceded to shoot 79, including four birdies the rest of the way. First of all, four birdies are my norm for about eight or ten rounds, not one.
Keep Rolling

What else? I drove two short par 4s. A bit of a tailwind but not much, maybe all that stretching is finally paying off. As I said, short, 270 yards and 290, but come on, I am less than two years from starting my seventh decade of life and driving a par 4 is fun. Some days I can only average about 210-215 off the tee. On my best days, I might average closer to 225-230. On occasion I hit one 250 but wow! What a day.
Cannot wait to get back to the course.

A Little Practice With My Grandson

On another note, my murder mystery, that will be my ninth book should be out around the first of the year. I am about 40% in, and so far, I really like it. By the way – My working title is - Murder On The First Tee.

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