Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dustin Johnson and the Open

Not sure the PGA of America wants Dustin Johnson to win. Remember the PGA tournament a few years ago? Put that along Joe Buck constantly talking about the ball moving and the free drop because of the tower and this tournament is getting annoying to watch. 

Attention PGA, sometimes grass bent from being walked on straightens and could cause the ball to move, even if it was walked on by a group or two ahead. 

Amazing how particular they are one week, and the next week players may be picking up, cleaning, then placing their ball for each shot. 

The official made a ruling, then they wait for more than an hour and tell Mr. Johnson that he might be given a penalty, after the round. Nice way to take his attention away from the task at hand.

And here I thought it was pathetic that Baseball started using replay. 

Think I will head out to the garden and pull weeds. 

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Neil Waring said...

Should have said USGA